Intelligence Test

The test contains thirty questions sorted by their difficulty level. The average time needed to solve them all is about twenty-thirty minutes. When solving the tasks, you should not use a calculator or any other such devices. To get rid of any factors which could break your focus, it is advised to turn off any mobile phones, internet communicators, or any other potentially obstructing software. Good luck! letter flip


1. Tom needs $101 dollars to buy a bike. He has $26 dollars. Tom lends him one-third of the remaining amount that he needs. How much money does he still need to buy the bike?
a. 50
b. 75
c. 45
d. 25

2. How many letters are there in this sentence?
a. 40
b. 36
c. 34
d. 33

3. What is the sum of the even numbers from one to 10 including 10?
a. 20
b. 32
c. 30
d. 16

4. How many vowels can be found in this sentence?
a. 11
b. 15
c. 13
d. 9

5. Which of the following numbers are prime numbers?
a. 1,2,3,6
b. 2,4,6,8
c. 3,6,9,12
d. 2,5,7,11

6. Which of the following words is the opposite in meaning to zealot?
a. Moderate
b. Extremist
c. Radical
d. Fanatic

7. Eggs costs $5.40 per dozen. How much will 24 eggs cost?
a. $5.40
b. $25.00
c. $10.80
d. $11.00

8. All nuns wear black. Tina has on a black shirt.
a. Tina is a nun.
b. Tina is not a nun.
c. Tina might be a nun.
d. I do not know what Tina is.

9. A square is a
a. Parallelogram
b. Rectangle
c. Rhombus
d. Pentagon

10. A sum of money was to be shared between three friends based on the following ratio: 2:8:10. Tom received $100. What is the total sum to be shared?
a. $1000
b. $100
c. $1250
d. $1500

11. The month before last month was May. Which month was it three months before last month?
a. February
b. January
c. July
d. August

12. A business woman bought a stove for $1000 and wants to re-sell it to make a 10% profit. How much should she sell it?
a. 990
b. 1001
c. 1010
d. 1100

13. Which of the following words does not belong in the group?
a. Pork
b. Beef
c. Mutton
d. Horse

14. Which of the following is nota mammal?
a. Bears
b. Rats
c. Humans
d. Snake

15. 8 times an unknown number gives you 32. What is the unknown number?
a. 3
b. 6
c. 2
d. 4

16. If the first month of the year would be April. The ninth month of the year would be?
a. January
b. March
c. September
d. December

17. If the alphabet has 1.5 times the letter is has. How many letters will it have?
a. 26
b. 39
c. 13
d. 40

18. Which of the following is a fruit?
a. Eggplant
b. Tomato
c. Cassava
d. Potato

19. A number doubled results in 16. What is the number?
a. 6
b. 8
c. 7
d. 5

20. Which of the following group of words are similar in meaning?
a. Almost and Nearly
b. Go and Come
c. Front and Back
d. White and Black

21. I need 6 meters of cable to make a network cable. Tom is willing to give me 250 cm. How many meters more do I need?
a. 4 meters
b. 5.5 meters
c. 3.5 meters
d. 3 meters

22. A four legged table with six four legged chairs, have how many legs in total?
a. 22
b. 24
c. 28
d. 20

23. How many legs does a computer mouse have?
a. 4
b. None
c. 2
d. I do not know

24. Which country does not belong in the following list?
a. Suriname
b. Guyana
c. Brazil
d. Spain

25. Tom's great grandmother has one son who has one daughter who is Tom's:
a. Grandmother
b. Sister
c. Great Aunt
d. Mother

26. Light is to darkness as sorrow is to
a. Beauty
b. Laughter
c. Mourning
d. Sadness

27. The average of 5 times 10 and 10 times 10 is?
a. 55
b. 75
c. 150
d. 60

28. ROYGBIV stands for?
a. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue , Indigo, Violet
b. Rat, Ostrich, Yard Ant, Goat, Bear, Ice Fish, Vampire bat
c. Russia, Oman, Yugoslavia, Greenland, Brazil, Iceland, Venezuela
d. Rachel, Orlando, Yolanda, Greg, Betty, Ian, Veronica

29. If a cake requires 375 degrees to bake properly. To which temperature does the oven need to be set to bake two cakes if they are place in the oven at the same time?
a. 190
b. 760
c. 380
d. 385

30. An apple a day takes the ____________ away.
a. Bird
b. Doctor
c. Pain
d. Sorrow

60-80 IQ: low intelligence
81-110 IQ: average intelligence
111-130 IQ: above average
131-150 IQ: gifted
151-200 IQ: genius
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